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My DIY Lash Remover is a powerful colorless and odorless solution with an oily texture, swiftly dissolving lash glue in minutes.


Perfect for DIY lash extensions, it's suitable for daily use, providing salon-quality results at home. Easy application—apply, brush, and rinse for residue-free, effortless removal. 

DIY Lash Remover

  • Features:

    • Double-Ended Design: Two-in-one convenience with a spiral mini mascara brush for bond application and a seal side for enhanced adhesion.

    • Super Strong Hold: Enjoy a 48-hour strong hold suitable for DIY lash extensions, individual lashes, cluster lashes, and false strip lashes.

    • Safe and Gentle Formula: Odorless, cruelty-free, and suitable for sensitive eyes, our formula doesn't damage natural lashes, while the sealer ensures comfortable wear.

    • Easy To Apply: The upgraded spiral mascara brush head facilitates even and easy application, distributing fine fluff for a seamless look.

    • Liza Lash Guarantee: As dedicated eyelash experts, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Contact us for any questions or concerns.


    • Precision Application: The double-ended design provides an easy and precise application process, ensuring an even and flawless result.

    • Long-Lasting Hold: Our glue offers an impressive 48-hour hold, catering to various lash styles and DIY applications.

    • Gentle Comfort: The safe and gentle formula, along with the comfortable sealer, allows for prolonged and irritation-free wear.

    • Effortless Application: The upgraded spiral brush ensures a hassle-free application, making it easier to achieve professional-looking results.

    • Customer Satisfaction: With the Liza Lash guarantee, customers can be confident in the quality and support offered by our professional eyelash company.

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