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Liza's Story

Welcome to the world of Liza Lash!

Meet Liza Lash, a trailblazing professional makeup artist and beauty guru, whose journey in the beauty industry began at the young age of 18 in Moscow Russia. With an unwavering passion for enhancing natural beauty and a keen eye for impeccable makeup artistry, Liza quickly made a name for herself by running a thriving makeup and lash extension studio for an impressive six years.

In 2014, Liza embarked on a new chapter in her career as she relocated to the United States, bringing her unparalleled talent and distinctive style to a global audience. It was here that she began captivating beauty enthusiasts worldwide by sharing her coveted beauty secrets and mesmerizing makeup looks on Instagram. As her online presence flourished, Liza's authentic approach to beauty garnered the attention of thousands of followers who eagerly sought her expert advice on skincare, makeup techniques, and more.

The turning point came in 2016 when Liza Lash's dedicated following surpassed the remarkable milestone of 400,000 on Instagram. At this pivotal moment, Liza's extraordinary talent caught the eye of beauty industry giant L’Oreal Paris, leading to an exclusive collaboration. For two years, Liza served as a model and brand ambassador, showcasing her unique flair and contributing to the brand's innovative vision.

Today, Liza Lash stands as a symbol of down-to-earth beauty advice and empowerment. Beyond her exceptional skills as a lash technician and makeup artist, she is celebrated for her authenticity and relatability. Liza is not just an online personality; she is a devoted wife and mother to a 15-year-old son, seamlessly balancing the demands of family life with her career.

Explore Liza's social channels, and you'll discover a treasure trove of fashionable photos, each a testament to her distinctive style and creative prowess. What sets Liza apart is her genuine commitment to her followers. Despite her soaring popularity, she remains dedicated to engaging with her audience, taking the time to connect personally with everyone seeking beauty tips and advice.

Join Liza Lash on her journey as she continues to redefine beauty standards, inspire confidence, and share the secrets to unlocking your own unique radiance. Whether you're a makeup enthusiast or simply seeking a dose of glamour in your life, Liza Lash is your go-to source for all things beauty and beyond.

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